Elections 2011


Parish Elections May 2011


You should consider becoming a Parish Councillor if:

  • You Want To Do Something Positive for Your Community
  • You Want To Spend Your Time Productively
  • You Can Think, Listen and Act Locally

The Role

Parish Councillors are elected by the public at an ordinary election, 5th May every four years. Being a Parish Councillor is an unpaid position.

Effort Required

TIME - It is possible to spend a lot of time on council work - but most people have jobs, families and hobbies that also demand a lot of time. However, as with most things, the more you put in, the more you (and your community) will get out.

Generally speaking, the larger your community the larger your workload will be. The times of the meetings vary, as do the venues. Parish Councils normally meet in the evening. It is IMPORTANT to establish the pattern of meetings and venues to make sure they can accommodate your domestic and/or business arrangements. Most Councils meet once a month and many also have committees, in which case you would probably be invited to sit on a committee. These usually meet in between the meetings of the full Parish Council.

Nomination process

A prospective candidate must deliver or send by post to the Returning Officer for the election a valid nomination paper. This form is obtained from the Officer. The candidate's surname, forenames, residence and description (if required) must be entered and his or her number and prefix letter from the current register of electors. The Returning Officer has a copy of this register, and the Clerk of the local Council normally has one. The nomination paper must also contain similar particulars of a proposer and a seconder. They must be electors for the area for which the candidate seeks election (i.e. the parish, community or town or the ward if it is divided into wards): they must sign it.

Election Timetable

Ordinary elections usually coincide with the election year of the District Council and must be held on the same day. The interval between elections is 4 years and therefore your term of office would normally be 4 years. The full timetable for the 2011 local elections is below. If you decide to stand for election you must submit your nomination by noon on Monday 4 April 2011.



7th February Deadline for applications to be included in the Register of Electors
  as from the 1st March.  This is the register that will be used for nominations.
  (Electorate as of 1st December 102,343)
4th March Sets of nomination papers for local elections available from the Elections Office
  Horsham District Council.
25th March Publication of the Notice of Election for local elections and referendum
25th March Nomination period for local elections starts - nominations can be delivered to 
  The Returning Officer, Horsham District Council, 
  Park North, North Street, Horsham RH12 1RL  - during office hours
28th March  Issue of Poll Cards - (estimated 74 polling stations)
4th April - noon Last day for delivery of nomination papers for local elections.
6th April - noon Publish statement of persons nominated for local elections
7th April - noon Last day for withdrawal of candidature at local elections.
  Last day for appointment of election agents for the District elections. 
  Last day for appointment of referendum election agents.
14th April  - 5pm Last day for a request for a new postal vote or changes to an existing postal
  or proxy vote.
  Deadline for voter registration for the 5th May election.
14th April Commence issuing postal votes. (about 15,000)
21st April - 5pm Last day for new applications to vote by proxy.
  Last day to publish the Notice of Poll for local elections.
  This notices gives the names and addresses of valid candidates and the
  polling stations to be used at the election.
26th April Publication of Alterations list to the Register of Electors for the 5th May.
  Last day for notice of appointment of counting agents and polling agents.
27th April First day to re-issue ballot papers to postal voters to replace lost or spoilt ones.
5th May Polling Day - 7am - 10pm
  5pm - deadline to issue replacements for lost or spoilt ballot papers
  5pm - deadline for new applications to vote by proxy on grounds of
  medical emergency.
  9pm - deadline to make alterations to the register to correct a 
  a clerical error or implement a court decision.
  10pm - Close of Poll and delivery of ballot boxes to count centre at
  Christs Hospital School Sports Centre
6th May- 8.30am Verification of ballot papers by 1pm
  pm counting of district and parish votes
  4pm - start of Referendum counting of votes
23rd June Last day for receipt of return of election expenses for local elections.

Eligibility and Requirements

Initially, you may have little knowledge of Council work but this will come, along with experience and confidence.

As a new Councillor you will bring to the Council fresh enthusiasm and new ideas, a care for your community and a willingness to learn.

A candidate for a Parish Council is qualified if, when nominated –

  1. he or she is a British subject or Irish citizen,
  2. is 18 years of age, and
  3. is either in the list of electors for that Parish or has during the whole of the preceding twelve months
    1. occupied land as owner or tenant in it, or
    2. had a principal place of work there, or
    3. resided in or within three miles of it.

What Next?

If you are considering becoming a candidate for election you are very strongly recommended to contact the Returning Officer at the District Council to obtain information on what you need to do to be nominated. All of the District Councils produce guidance on Election Procedures and it is imperative that these are followed or you may find that you have disqualified yourself from candidacy. Further details and contact information is available from the Clerk to the Council.

Please Contact:

Tony The Parish Clerk will have supplies of the Nomination papers for distribution to interested candidates 

 West Chiltington Parish Council
The Parish Office
Church Street
West Chiltington
West Sussex
RH20 2JW

Telephone: (01798) 817301

E-Mail: wcpcclerk@aol.com