Local Development Framework

Update March 2010

Cory Environmental to withdraw Laybrook landfill proposal

Update February 2010
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Horsham District Council Guide to the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Update November 2009
 Local Development Framework  
 affecting West Chiltington and surrounding areas
The Local Development Framework sets out Horsham District Council's policies for meeting the community's economic, environmental and social aims for the future, where this affects the development and use of land.  As part of this Framework, Horsham District Council are proposing an extensive building programme of new houses in and around West Chiltington amounting to eight potential strategic housing locations in the Horsham district including 4,000 houses at Adversane and 1,750 houses in Billingshurst. Three sites have been identified which will have a dramatic effect on the life of our own village. planning mapSee link to map.
  1. An area to the west of Broadford Bridge Road and south of Adversane Lane, known as the Adversane/North Heath Option8 outlined below.

  2. A 6 acre site beside the village hall playing fields towards Finches Lane.See associated file.

  3. Fields to the north of East Street from Broadford Bridge Road to the Sinnocks.
  4. In addition to these proposals. A proposed commercial landfill site just over 1 mile away in Laybrook brick works is still going through the application process. For more upto date information see link http://www.nolaybrooklandfill.co.uk/ . The Action group are raising funds by any means possible and donations are kindly received.

The Parish Council is urgently seeking more information about the proposal from both the District & County Councils and has objected to the developments on the grounds that there is an inadequate infrastructure in the village and the surrounding areas to cope with the planned building programme.

As the consultation process continues, the Parish Council will further reiterate its objections and will through this site provide updates as new information is gathered.

Horsham District Council web site offers additional information at http://www.horsham.gov.uk/strategic_planning/
Strategic Site Option 8
Adversane/North Heath
This possible option (which would be considered under Option 3 of the Strategic Spatial Options) focuses on the potential for a new community on some 155 hectares of land between Adversane  and North Heath, in an area 2 km south of Billingshurst and 4 km north of Pulborough.
There is potential for some 4,000 dwellings to be developed in this area, together with the appropriate range of facilities and services required to support a new community of this size.There would be issues of land assembly and the pre-planning necessary to bring forward a development of this type but it does offer an alternative approach for development within the part of the District outside the Gatwick Sub-Region.
For more information regarding this issue http://www.saveourcountryside.com/ 
West Chiltington Category 2 Settlement Status


The existing policy (Policy CP5) sets out the settlements that are considered appropriate to have a defined built-up area and defines them in two categories,as a reflection of their relative position in a ‘settlement sustainability hierarchy’ by virtue of their ability to accommodate differing levels of development.
West Chiltington is classified as a Category 2 settlement. The approach, particularly with the Category 2 settlements, where any development has to be strongly justified by both need and sustainability criteria, has been variously interpreted such that the categorisation indicated has perhaps not provided the straightforward and robust policy approach intended.West Chiltington Parish Council have worked hard to get this clasification which is now under review.
The key points for consideration can be summarised as:
The policy approach has not been as clearly understood as it should have been and could benefit from further explanation and clarification, even if it remains essentially the same in the future.
  • The primary objective remains to secure a sustainable pattern of development. Existing policies (CP5 & CP8) are capable of flexible interpretation in relation to ‘local needs’ within Category 2 settlements but there could be scope to clarify the circumstances applying, perhaps with clearer flexibility in relation to development within the existing  settlement area.
  • The overall approach could be varied so that all defined settlements are capable of accommodating either strategic level development if appropriate or development which is directly related to local needs, including consideration of development which may improve the sustainability of the smaller settlements and enhance their role as ‘hubs’ for the surrounding rural area.
For example, this may include permitting a limited number of market dwellings where these enable the delivery of much needed affordable housing, or providing serviced premises for use by home workers.
Horsham District Council are inviting comments on this subject to  http://www.horshamdistrictldf.info/LDDS/local_dev_documents_4525.asp 
This Consultation Document is an important part of the process for preparing the review of the Local Development Framework Core Strategy, which will set out the final vision, revised spatial objectives and longer term development strategy for the District. The responses to the issues and potential ways forward set out in this document will be carefully analysed and considered by the Council, so that decisions can be made about the approach ultimately to be adopted towards the future planning of the District in the period to 2026 and beyond.
The responses will be used, together with further technical work, to inform the preparation of the intended Preferred Strategy document, to be published for consultation in Spring 2010. The Council will finally confirm how it intends to proceed through the formal documentation to be submitted to the Secretary of State later that year.
The consultation period which is now closed on this current document ran between 4 September and 16 October 2009. All representations will be made publicly available and will be viewable on our website. Hard copies of the representations received will also be available to view at the Council Offices.